Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Wife, 136 Children – How'd That Happen?

Huntingdon, Pa., resident, business owner and husband Leon “Red” Hopkins says his donations to Christian Children’s Fund are not a big deal – what he is passionate about it is getting more people to give.

Red sponsors 136 children through CCF – he recently added 12 more.

“It’s a thing I do,” he says of his sponsorships. “Get yourself a child; you’ll feel great.”

To read more about the “thing” he does, click here to read CCF’s latest news release.

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Anonymous said...

I thank God Almighty for giving this man the ability to sponsor so many children! I have five children that I am able to sponsor right now and I'd love to have more. One lives in Ethopia, one lives in India, one lives in Guinea, one lives in Viet Nam and one lives in Senegal. I thank God for allowing me to do this and for providing me the ability to do it!