Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Can You Do to Help?

By Anne Goddard, CCF president and CEO

The news that each of us hears each day is not good – the world’s economy is struggling like never before. Although it might be easy to focus our thoughts on any ramifications for us personally, it might help to think of our personal story within the larger one, which is something that we at Christian Children’s Fund do regularly.

Childhood is a one-time opportunity. Many of the world’s deprived, excluded and vulnerable children don’t have televisions to watch or the literacy skills to read a newspaper. To them, the world’s recession is not a new story – they have heard about and lived tough times their whole lives. And if we let their lives get tougher in any way, their one-time opportunity for a healthy childhood is gone forever.

As you think about your own personal resolutions for this year, please add the world’s children on your list. Think about anything you can do within your own world to help others in need around the world.

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